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If your son or daughter is accused of a juvenile crime, it can throw the whole family into a turmoil.  Suddenly, you have strange and frightening issues to deal with. Will they be convicted and have to spend time incarcerated? Will this crime follow them into adulthood? Will they be able to lead a happy, productive life after going through this experience?

These questions and many others will keep you awake at night and this can be a stressful time for your family.  If a child is under the age of 18, they are most often tried as a minor except in more serious crimes like rape, murder or kidnapping. In these cases, a minor may be tried as an adult. The juvenile system usually opts for rehabilitation over incarceration whenever possible.

Juvenile Rights

A minor has the same legal rights as an adult: the right to a legal defense, proper disclosure of charges, and a humane arrest. The major difference is that the juvenile system does not engage in jury trials. If arrested, minors should ask that their parents and a lawyer be present during any questioning.

Juvenile cases should be handled with extreme care by an experienced Juvenile crimes lawyer in Houston. Your child's reputation and future might be at stake, so to ensure the best possible outcome, work with someone who thoroughly understands this area of the law and has extensive experience working with juvenile cases.

We Aggressively Defend Your Child

It is essential that you have an aggressive Houston Juvenile Crime Defense attorney to advise and guide you through the complex and often frustrating juvenile justice system. With over a decade of experience, Thomas H. Burton III has worked as General Counsel for Justice for Children and has the expertise to represent your child.

During the entire process, Tom Burton will be by your side, assisting your family with honest, yet savvy legal representation. Time is of the essence in juvenile cases and it's best to get a competent juvenile crimes lawyer before appearing in court in order to protect your child's rights.

Call For A Free Consultation

If your child was arrested on any Juvenile charge in Harris County, contact Burton Law Firm for immediate help. Juvenile allegations can seriously affect your child's future. For first-time offenders, Texas has special diversion programs that may ultimately result in the dismissal of your child's juvenile charges.

Burton Law Firm provides aggressive representation designed to help your family get through this devastating event. Your child might qualify to have the charges expunged from their record or sealed.  Work with a highly skilled Houston Juvenile Crimes Lawyer who has the extensive insight and experience you need. Please contact us to schedule a consultation to discuss how we can best defend your child and preserve his or her freedom.


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