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Houston Traffic Violation Lawyer

With the introduction of the internet and other modern technologies, Municipalities now can quickly and easily share information with other agencies. For instance, any ticket that you receive in Texas can affect your driving record and insurance rates. 

In fact, the Department of Public Safety has a vast database of these traffic records and whether you received a speeding ticket in Houston or a red light ticket in San Antonio, it's important to take care of these traffic violations right away.

As an experienced Houston Traffic Violation Lawyer, Thomas Burton will go to work right away to preserve your rights under the United States and Texas Constitution. You have the right to full notice of the charges against you and the officer who has issued the traffic ticket should have provided this in written form. If this notice is not give, then your case may be dismissed.

Benefits of Working with a Traffic Violation Lawyer Houston

Often, individuals are not aware of their rights and prosecutors, courts and judges are not required to explain those rights to you. By having a highly skilled Houston Traffic Violation Lawyer on your side, you can ensure that your rights are fully upheld.

Most people are concerned about a traffic ticket going on their driving record. This can cause an increase in your insurance rates. By hiring Tom Burton, you may be able to avoid this scenario.  Increases in insurance rates often hang around for three years or more.

Hire the Right Houston Traffic Violation Lawyer

The state of Texas uses a point system for traffic violations. Each ticket is two points. If you've had more than one ticket in the past few years, then it could cost you hundreds of dollars in penalties.  And these penalties can go on for three years as well.  

The experienced staff at Burton Law Firm will go to work immediately on your case. You will not have to contact the court or take off work for a hearing. Tom Burton will take care of any hearing for your case. You will not have to argue the circumstances of your traffic ticket. This will not only save you money, but time and stress.

Have an Outstanding Warrant in Houston?

If you have an outstanding Houston warrant for traffic tickets, then it's very important to work with a skilled legal professional. Burton Law Firm acts on your behalf to lift 

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