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Maintenance and Alimony Lawyer Houston, TX

Texas is one of the few states that does not award traditional alimony payments in a divorce settlement. In some cases, however, one of the parties may be able to obtain Spousal Maintenance. This money is meant to give regular financial support to a spouse who may experience financial or social hardships because of the divorce decree. A spouse may be able to receive long-term or short-term payments.

Reasons for Spousal Maintenance

Texas courts seek to provide reasonable needs to a spouse and this is not measured by the current poverty levels but by the standard of living that was established during the marriage. You may be entitled to receive spousal maintenance under a few special conditions and these include:

  • A spouse experienced abuse of some type during the marriage.
  • The spouse has been out of the job market for a long time and can no longer acquire a decent paying job. This often happens when a dependent spouse was a homemaker during the marriage.
  • The spouse or dependent children are ill, disabled or otherwise require special medical treatments.  This would make it nearly impossible for the person to get and keep a full-time job that would pay enough to support themselves and any children.

Spousal maintenance must be requested at the time of the divorce. Once the divorce is final, a party cannot go back to court and ask for it. However, if spousal maintenance is ordered by the court, an individual may request an alteration in the agreement if there is a change of circumstances.

In cases where a spouse is unemployed or underemployed and needs to seek training and education so they can find appropriate employment, the spousal maintenance is usually short-term. The amount can vary and depends on various factors such as the length of the marriage, the age, physical and emotional condition of each spouse and how well the couple lived during the marriage. Often, the courts ask that a spouse be married for at least 10 years before considering spousal support.

Lump sum spousal support provides one large payment instead of smaller weekly or monthly payments. All types of alimony and spousal maintenance are tax deductible for the payer and must be claimed as income for the payee. The amounts claimed on each person's tax return must be exactly the same or this can raise a red flag at the IRS.

Maintenance and Alimony Lawyer Houston, TX

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