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Though any divorce can be quite painful, when you are facing a contested divorce, things can get complicated very quickly.  It's a stressful process at best.  The best case scenario is for couples to work out all their issues, needs and expectations, but when this is not possible, the result may be a contested Houston divorce.

A contested divorce indicates that the couple is unwilling or unable to come to an agreement about the important points of the divorce.  This often occurs when there are children involved. Both parties may fight to have full custody of their children. In this case, there is quite a lengthy process where the Texas Family Court System will get involved and seek to determine which party provides the best atmosphere for the children to grow up in.

Other reasons for a contested divorce may involve community property. A couple might have substantial financial holdings, vacation homes, paintings or expensive autos that they are fighting over. The reasons for couples to get to this place of not being able to agree often include cheating. One of the parties may have discovered that their spouse was unfaithful. People feel hurt and angry if they believe they've been lied to.

Texans Need Strong Legal Representation in a Contested Divorce

Your Houston divorce attorney can be a valuable resource as you move forward. In a contested divorce, there is often an unwillingness to cooperate by one or both parties. It takes a sound, professional legal presence to keep things from escalating into an even more volatile situation.

Tom Burton of Burton Law Firm is that voice of reason that can help couples arrive at amicable agreements over the important issues. Tom is a well-experienced professional who has worked with many tough cases. He understands the importance of remaining steadfast and yet willing to make the right compromises so that both parties can move on with their lives.

Burton Law Firm works with Texans to help them navigate the web of complicated legal terms and requirements in a contested divorce. He assists his clients in coming to an agreement about critical issues such as child custody, division of debts & expenses, payment of child and/or spousal support, and division of community and/or marital property.

Contact an Experienced Divorce Lawyer

Though it may not be possible for couples to work out all differences with their spouse, Tom Burton will work for you to avoid an expensive legal battle with arbitration and mediation whenever possible.

Contested divorces can leave families with a degree of hostility; they can be lengthy and expensive, but Tom Burton at the Houston law firm of Burton Law understands the need to minimize stress and save you time and money if at all possible. Tom is a highly knowledgeable Houston divorce lawyer and when he's on your team, he fights for what's important to you. 

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