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Distracted Driving Lawyer – Texting & Cellphone Accidents Houston, Texas

Distracted driving accidents have loomed over the last 10 years and now rival drunk driving accidents.  A distracted driving accident is considered to be any accident caused by a driver who turned their attention away from driving in order to do something else. This can be eating, reading a map, adjusting the radio or talking. But most often, it involves texting or talking on a cellphone.

You see drivers every day who are blocking traffic, driving along at 30 mph talking on the phone or texting a friend.  Almost 25% of all auto accidents involve a distracted driver who was texting or talking on the phone. Of these, there were over 5,000 deaths and thousands more injuries. Imagine losing a loved one just so a motorist could text something silly to a friend like, "What R U doing?"

Each week, new stories come forward of awful and deadly accidents that were caused by distracted drivers. In Maryland, a woman drove her car off into the lake because she took her eyes off the road to text. Though she escaped unscathed, she endangered the lives of many other motorists and authorities filed charges against her. A man and his 5-month-old daughter were struck from behind by a teen who was texting instead of watching the road.

Distracted Driving Lawyer – Houston

Because of these and many other tragic accidents, numerous states have now outlawed texting and talking on the phone when behind the wheel of a car. And yet, the statistics continue to climb. For the victims of distracted driving accidents, there might be long weeks or months of recovery where you are unable to work. Hospital and doctor bills pile up quickly.

Texting & Cellphone Accidents

Studies have shown that using a cell phone greatly slows a driver's reaction time comparable to that of drunk driving. Driving on today's highways takes complete focus; you may have to make quick decisions and people's lives are at stake every day. The risks are even higher when a distracted driver is young and inexperienced.  A large percentage of all motorists who were involved in fatal crashes last year involved distracted drivers under the age of 20 years old.

What Can You Do About This Growing Problem?

If you or a loved one were injured or killed in an auto accident involving a distracted driver, then you can take legal action against the guilty party. You have a right to recover all damages including lost wages, pain and suffering, hospital bills and many other expenses. Texting and cell phone accidents are completely preventable but many motorists will not listen to the statistics and the sad stories of loss. One thing that does often work, however, is to take legal action against those responsible.

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