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 Wrongful death cases have become much more common across America. They can include everything from work-related accidents to drug and medical device failures. The accusation of "wrongful death" is made when a victim or their family believes that the tragedy occurred as a result of someone else's negligence.  When a person, company or entity behaves recklessly and it causes a death, then the family or spouse can sue the responsible party.

In some wrongful death cases, there may be intent to harm or kill the person. This is the case where a gunman walks into a public building or school room and opens fire on innocent people. Sadly, cases like this have become much more prevalent in our society. Though no amount of money can bring back a loved one, the ability to sue does give the family some type of recourse.

 Wrongful Death Lawsuits

In the Colorado Movie Theater Shootings of July 2012, a gunman opened fire in a movie theater injuring 70 people and killing 12 innocent movie-goers.  The most obvious person in this case to sue for the death or injury of a loved one is the shooter, however some of the victims/families also sued Cinemark saying that the owners of the theater hadn't provided adequate safety and security measures. Their suits were dismissed however.

Other notable cases include wrongful deaths that occurred because of faulty items on a vehicle.  Millions of 2010 Toyotas were recalled because of sticking gas pedals. Millions of Chevy pick-up trucks were also recalled due to the allegation that the gas tanks exploded on impact. Drug recalls and problems with medical devices such as the vaginal mesh product have also made the news lately.

 Wrongful Death Cases Happen More Often Than You Think

From medical malpractice to workplace accidents, victims and their families have a right to their day in court if they believe that the death or injury could have been prevented. Wrongful death cases require specific expertise into that area of the law and cases such as product liability require lengthy investigations into manufacturers, product designers, and distributors of the product.

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It's very important to perform these investigations as quickly as possible. For instance, if your loved one died from falling off a rooftop at work, then there are key pieces of evidence that can be lost and witnesses should be interviewed right away. That's why it's so crucial to contact a Houston wrongful death lawyer immediately.

At Burton Law Firm, we go to work right away collecting evidence and interviewing witnesses. We understand the importance of moving quickly so that key evidence is not lost. Thomas H. Burton III has over a decade of experience and is a frequent speaker on TV and radio programs. He is a well-respected Houston attorney that you can trust.

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If you or a loved one have been injured or killed and you believe someone's negligence was responsible, then call the offices of Burton Law Firm today. Tom Burton is a strong advocate for victim's rights. He works on a contingency fee basis so you will not be required to pay any court, attorney or filing fees up front. You only pay if your lawyer wins the case.

 Burton Law Firm offers free legal consultations where you can speak to someone in complete confidentiality about your case. Call today for your free appointment.

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